Kelsey (swim5289) wrote,

bLT687 (9:22:29 PM): grow a beard and get back to me

jfuller89 (9:20:11 PM): there is no third dimension
jfuller89 (9:20:14 PM): it's all in the mind
jfuller89 (9:20:16 PM): haha
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How bout a 22nd dimension?
there is one of those. it's where all the socks that get lost in the laundry machine and the pens that mysteriously disappear from your backpack go.
Nice!!! It must have an entire country devoted to housing my abandoned socks.

I'm from the 22nd dimension. I'm superior to you all. BOW DOWN TO MY POWER!!!! (Right Kels?!?!?!?!)
as if. i won't bow to the likes of you...
i love you man.
Wow, it took me seeing that 5 times while reading through my friends page to notice that the third dimension real does exist and what jon was saying wasn't something which actually made sense. *laughs* I'm so not living right now.