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Singing in the Rain

I believe in miracles.

50 cent, 8 mile, aardvarks, advil, aim, airplanes, apple sauce, applebee's, australian accents, beaches, biking, blankets, boggle, books, boys, bright colors, broadway, brownies, camping, candy, cars, cds, cell phones, cherries, chocolate, christmas, clay aiken, clothes, coloring, computers, concerts, dancing, decorating, diving, dogs, driving, eminem, fairs, fried chicken, fried rice, friends, fun, fuzzy slippers, georgia nicolson, glitter, hanging out, hard candy, harry potter, hip hop, ice cream, ice skating, iced tea, johnny depp, jokes, laughing, leonardo dicaprio, lindsay lohan, lizzie mcguire, love, magazines, malcom in the middle, maroon 5, mean girls, michael phelps, movies, mulan, music, musicals, nail polish, nelly, not having school, orange, parties, paul hamm, peaches, peanut m&ms, photos, piano, pictures, pillows, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pjs, plaid, princesses, rain, rainbows, rap, reading, rent, rice, road trips, rollerblading, rollercoaster tycoon, sandals, sarcasm, savage garden, scooters, scuba diving, shoes, shopping, silliness, silly faces, silly songs, singing, six flags, skating, sleeping, sleeping in, sleepovers, smallville, snow, snow cones, something corporate, spaghetti, sparkles, spiderman, spring, stars, strawberries, summer, superman, surveys, sushi, swimming, swing-sets, tank tops, tattoos, the beach, the princess diaries, the sims, tom welling, trampolines, vacation, wakeboarding, walt disney world, water skiing, working out, writing, yellow,