Kelsey (swim5289) wrote,


kel c the gr8 (6:54:10 PM): pshhht
kel c the gr8 (6:54:14 PM): make it all my fault then
breaststroke42 (6:54:18 PM): yeah, b/c it is
breaststroke42 (6:54:22 PM): what now?
breaststroke42 (6:54:24 PM): biotch
kel c the gr8 (6:54:24 PM): yea okay.
breaststroke42 (6:54:44 PM): talk to the hand, b/c the face don't want to hear about it
kel c the gr8 (6:54:58 PM): i am. arent we typing?
kel c the gr8 (6:55:02 PM): ohhhh what now
breaststroke42 (6:55:18 PM): oh, i just got served
kel c the gr8 (6:55:24 PM): its almost like a restaurant
kel c the gr8 (6:55:37 PM): with you getting served
breaststroke42 (6:56:10 PM): it's almost like a 24- hour Wendy's with me getting served
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December 29 2004, 18:46:49 UTC 13 years ago

wow you kids are real losers...get a life.. wait les go swim YAY! fuck you assholes HAHAHAHAHA